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Support for "Dargfil"

On 2 September 2011 a contract was signed concerning the sponsorship of the sports club "Dargfil." Preparing to take over partial custody of financial for "Dargfil” lasted over a month, which means that everything has been worked out in detail. MUKS Dargfil Tomaszów Mazowiecki was founded in 1997. The founders, as well as the main trainers are Mr. Dariusz Kwiatkowski and Mr. Christopher Gąćkowski (current president). Dargfil is the fourth team in Poland last season, which continues climbing to the top. The costs are extremely high, but the pride of our girls is constantly increasing. That's why the company Mont-el decided to help talents from our city. Soon we will be able to watch our company logo on the girls soccer uniforms. With strained ears and eyes looking forward to further success of our footballers wished them as much as winnings.